Who am I?

I’m 31 years old, a Special Advisor to the Minister of Science and Culture and Center Party’s Helsinki mayoral candidate. 


I’m running for Helsinki city council in the spring 2021 municipal elections because I know Helsinki can do better. Peoples wishe’s for a good life and quality living has to be placed at the center of city politics. This means more diverse options for living, childcare, and transportation, among others. 


For me, municipal politics is about work, warmth, and nature -meaning work and entrepreneurship, wholesome everyday life and urban nature.


My mother is a textile artist and my father is an entrepreneur. Growing up, our family’s income was sometimes scarce. But our parents taught us that a person’s worth can’t be measured by money: it’s love and caring which count. These life basics shouldn’t be left aside in one’s private life or politics. Especially, in this harshening political climate, empathy and tolerance are important building blocks for our society. 


Before becoming a Special Adviser, I worked as a political journalist. I’ve also worked as an orderly and as the Manager of the Center Party Youth in Helsinki. My very first summer job was on our neighbor’s strawberry farm. In high-school I financed by studies by working as a cleaner. 


I currently live in Lauttasaari, but I’ve also lived in Töölö, Vallila, Kallio, Punavuori, Alppila and Oulunkylä. I spent my childhood in Leppävirta, Northern Savonia. I did my bachelor’s studies at Uppsala University in Sweden, and I’ve also lived and worked in Australia. 


I cherish breakfasts with my loved ones, deep conversations over a glass of wine and jogs in the beautiful Finnish nature.